Micah can help your school or team with presentations that focus on building character traits and making a difference. 

Contact us at GoMicahsMiles@gmail.com for more information


"The presentation Micah and his family gave to our students and staff was very inspiring and made a positive impact on our community. Micah's story is an amazing one that highlights the character trait of perseverance. Micah's story caused us to reflect on our own lives and think about empathy towards others. We would highly recommend inviting Micah and his family come to tell their story in your school."  Aaron Parman, Principal, Helen Baller Elementary School

Micah, his sister, Mackenzie, and mother, Suzie, have been doing school presentations focused on perseverance, using the book Micah the Mighty Marathoner as a framework.  Presentations can be done for all school assemblies or smaller groups in 30 - 45 minutes.  

Outcomes: Students will learn a little about Micah and some of the challenges he faces.  We use Micah's story to talk about perseverance as a character trait.  After reading the story together, students are led through a lesson focused on trying your best even when it can be difficult. 

Cost: The only optional cost for the assembly is the purchase of Micah the Mighty Marathoner for the school library or classrooms.

The Micah's Miles Team making a presentation at an elementary school.

The Micah's Miles Team making a presentation at an elementary school.


“The 150+ staff at Educational Service District 112 was motivated, engaged and inspired by the presentation about making a difference for ourselves and others. Micah’s story teaches us about how to reflect on our own life’s assets, passions and purpose to make a difference in our communities. We are still hearing positive comments about this emotionally charged, relevant and interactive presentation! Everyone should hear the important messages about Micah and his family’s  journey!”  Tim Merlino, Superintendent, Educational Service District 112

Making a Difference for you and others uses Micah's story to help individuals and teams focus on their purpose and then take action. 

Outcomes: Participants will learn about Micah's journey and use the framework below to further develop their journey to make a difference for themselves and others. 

Cost: Contact us at GoMicahsMiles@gmail.com for information about making a donation to one of the organizations Micah supports.

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